Wednesday, March 03, 2021


Novenber 2015

November Walk along the beach

We have just returned from a visit to Vera Playa - this is the first time we have been in November - and thought we would share one of the days we spent walking along the beach from Vera Natura to Garrucha.

We were looking forward to a few warm days to escape the British winter - not expecting it to be hot or that we would enjoy sunshine all day every day - how lucky were we !!!


This was the view as we set out to walk along Vera Playa beach from Vera Natura to Garrucha, it was nice and quiet - nothing like it is in July or August.

Although it was quiet there were still people in the sea, here is someone windsurfing. As we continued our walk I found it hard to believe it was November and it was cold and wet in England.


As we walked a little further a speedboat came sailing by.


You can see from the pictures that we are some way from the sea because we were walking along the two promenade paths which extend for the majority of the pleasant walk to Gurrucha.  There is a break between the two pathways where you need to walk on the sand to complete the journey.

Sea view

Along the way you can take some unusual pictures of the beach - once past the naturist area.

The walk should take you about an hour each way but of course this depends on how fast you walk.

Nature Reserve

About half way along the walk you will come to a nature reserve this is a stretch of clear water that is separated from the sea by a thin strip of sand.

nature reserve 8

This is home to lots of wild life.

nature reserve 6

If you don't feel up to walking - you can always hire a bike.

Which ever way you decide to make the journey it will be well worth the effort.

Lunch with Sea view

Of course after all the exercise you feel the need to enjoy one of the many restaurants and the odd glass (or three!) of wine.

This boat sits outside the first restaurant you will come to and if you look carefully you can just see a BBQ in the back of it, they were cooking fish on it when we visited

BBQ boat

We walked back across the sea front here you can see people still swiming in the sea this time of the year but I must confess that's not me - I am way too much of a wimp to try it, I'm a lot happier in our indoor pool at Vera Natura because it's heated.

November swim

Well that's all for now if you have any stories and pictures please drop me an email but you must own the copyright and give me permission to publish them and I can't guarantee to use them and I can't return anything supplied