Thursday, January 27, 2022


We don't have many rules or conditions, the few we do have are to ensure your holiday is an enjoyable one.

The deposit required to secure the booking will be 30% of the total price of your rental and should be paid no later than two weeks after booking. 
Upon receipt of your deposit we will confirm your booking by email.

The outstanding balance should be paid at the latest six weeks before the beginning of your stay.

If the booking is within 6 weeks of the start date of your stay the full price of your rental will be due immediately.

The property is offered for holiday rental subject to confirmation to the renter.

Arrival & Departure Times:

The apartment is normally available from 4.00 p.m. on the first day of the holiday and normal departure time is by 10.00 a.m. on the final day. Where the departure of previous visitors and the arrival of subsequent visitors permits, we will allow some flexibility to this - e.g. where flights do not depart until the evening for clients to stay in occupation until a convenient departure time if the subsequent visitor is not arriving until the following day - providing this allows time for the cleaning and servicing of the accommodation but this must be confirmed by us in an email.

If you wish to arrive earlier or stay later than the standard times please ask if we can manage this.

Loss or Damage:

The guests undertake to take good care of the accommodation for the duration of the tenancy, to leave the accommodation clean and tidy as found and to act with all reasonable consideration for other guests and to reimburse for any loss or damage at the apartment or to its furniture or contents during their stay. The guest is responsible for insurance of his/her personal effects. We do not provide safety deposit boxes and recommend all guests to take out suitable travel insurance, which includes cover for cancellation, delay and medical costs. The Owners or their agents will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for personal accident or injury. The apartment is fitted with louvre shutters, which are traditional in Spanish properties and if used as recommended provide a high level of security as well as enabling good ventilation in hot weather. 

Community rules and use of facilities:

Residential Vera Natura is a naturist community and it is expected that guests and their parties will live a naturist lifestyle where possible whilst at Vera Natura according to the normal standards of naturism. Naturism is permitted at all times, but there is no requirement to be naked except when using the swimming pools.

Guests agree to comply with the rules of the community of the Residential Vera Natura including the rules concerning conduct and behaviour as a naturist community (The Community’s Rules are quite straightforward and are concerned with owners and visitors acting reasonably and in neighbourly ways - e.g. not disturbing neighbours with noise during siesta time between 2 pm and 4 pm or late at night. Subject to complying with the community’s rules Guests are entitled to use community facilities.
The operation of the community facilities such as the swimming pools is outside the control of the owners of the apartment who cannot guarantee their availability or operation at any particular period. (However, it is most unusual for these facilities not to be operational). Users of the swimming pools should be aware that lifeguards are only employed by the Community in the high season (late July and August) and even then are only on duty at the hours posted outside the pools. Persons using the pools do so entirely at their own risk. 

Naturist Etiquette:

Guests undertake to follow the normal naturist hygiene etiquette and to provide and use suitable towels If visitors are not sure what constitutes normal naturist etiquette, more information or guidance can be found on the web site


No pets other than Guide dogs

Keys :

You will be given keys to the apartment and complex when you are met, a charge of €35 will be made for each and every key lost because these are security keys and require documentation from the security company to be replaced.


For the comfort of other guests please refrain from smoking in the apartment please smoke on the patio using the ashtrays provided.


You are required to complete our guest registration form that you will be able to access on our website as soon as you have made a booking, this is to enable us to notify the Spanish authorities of your stay.

Our Obligations:

We undertake to make the accommodation available to the guests in a 'clean and tidy' state.

To maintain services and facilities in a proper usable condition.

Where exceptionally a problem or fault occurs, we shall make every effort to keep delays or inconvenience to a minimum.

If for any reason before the start of the rental we are unable to comply with this contract by providing the apartment as advertised we are liable to refund to the guest the full amount of the monies paid and our total liability is limited to the refunding of such monies.

If for any reason something outside the control or responsibility of the owner or their agents, such as fire, storm or natural disaster, the apartment booked cannot be inhabited after the holiday has commenced we will use our best endeavors to find alternative accommodation as close as possible for the guests for the remainder of their holiday although we do not guarantee this to be naturist.
The guest is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions when a deposit is paid.

We are happy to correspond by email, text, or phone, the preferred method is by email and only bookings confirmed by us in an email will constitute a booking.